Monday, July 17, 2006


Couple of days ago one of my friends called me and told that he needs to find some good .net guys urgently & is there anyone I know ?

He said they selected some out of received CVs and conducted interviews. Since their company is looking for a degree as the minimum paper qualification, they've short listed Cvs of software engineers only who has at least a Bachelor's Degree.
Some of those who had over 4 years of industrial experience with over 1 year .net experience. After interviewed 16 applicants they could select only 1 but that one is also not up to the level they expected.

They had called CVs for the position of Senior Software Engineer but some of applicants were not even fit for the position of a Trainee software Engineer. They've mentioned as "A good understanding of OOP concepts" but didn't know what an
abstract class is or how to Overloading methods.

I told him there might be something wrong in your recruitment process...something wrong with the way they selected
those CVs. "Don't you call for an interview for someone who has a Bachelor's degree with over 4 years of industrial
experience and having worked in the biggest outsourcing company in SL?" He replied...

Is it this hard to find couple of good .net resources? Is it true?

There was one of my friends looking for a break who has worked with me in my previous work place. Unfortunately he hasn't had a Degree. not even a certificate except a MCP. I told about him to my friend. He finished the conversation by
taking my friends CV without a hope.

After 2 days my friend who's looking for .net developers called me and said he has just interviewed my friend who wants to take a break from his current work place. "He is kind of a guy we were looking for. he's easily got through
the technical interview. I recomended him and through to the second interview with the Management. Hope management won't consider the minimum paper qualifications. I might neglected hundreds of CVs like this only because they didn't have a Degree." Hs said.

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