Friday, July 21, 2006


Couple of days ago I got an opportunity to involve in a java project. Even I didn't write a java code in 3,4 years, I desperately wanted to dig it inside. What I believe is for developers there's a time they take a decision and select the technology stream to proceed their career. Sometimes it happens naturally according to the materials gather around the person. In my case I choose Microsoft and started to develop in VB. Considering Microsoft, today C# has become my favorite language. Now I feel I always had a liking to java all through these 4,5 years in my development career even I didn't know it.

I think i didn't have much choice those days when .Net took the IT world by a storm. Everybody talked about the beauty of .Net. When I look back i just realized for the last 2 years I never thought about any other technology except .Net. In the recent past has made a huge impact in this industry than any other, and it proceeds.

When talking about .Net Vs Java Or Microsoft technologies Vs Open source always it has been a hot topic. I found this thread in forum which is very interesting and there are lot of stories inside this thread which is useful to us as Developers, as a 3rd world country or else as a nation.

It's worth post a separate article about this. So I won't express my ideas deeply regarding this. Anyway I like both the technologies. Microsoft and Open source. And I don't like to compare these two. Definitely there are advantages and drawback in both over one another.

It's very nice to have strong representations of both the communities in SL. Sri Lanka .Net forum has been doing a good job for the past 2 years. Tech Ed and VS 2005 Launch was great. Open source community is also blooming up. is still limited to events. It'll be more active if they start a forum. If so developers will gather around it more and more and community will become more stronger.

I wish best of luck to both the communities and dreaming of something comes out by the unity of these two local communities as a nation.


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