Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007 - Knockout Stage

Rugby World Cup 2007 first round is over and 8 teams were selected to play the second stage. This will be a knockout out stage and unbeaten team in next 3 games will get the opportunity to lift the cup and crown as RWC 2007 champs.

As the tournament started with a upset by Argentina beating host France, Argentina managed to continue their rhythm and finish the first round as the top of their pool. They will be a strong contender in the knockout stage and it'll be a very interesting quarterfinal Argentina Vs Scotland.
Fiji managed to enter to the second round by beating Wales. So they'll meet South Africa in their first match in the second round.

Other 2 quarterfinals will be Australia Vs England and New Zealand Vs France. New Zealand finished all their first round matches very promisingly and they are the favorites in this tournament. But their lack of performances in the big games is always a huge disadvantage for them and also France is seeking for an opportunity to cover their humiliation defeat by Argentina in the first round, so they'll play their hearts out in front of their own crowd, in their own grounds. Nevertheless as I said earlier this is the best NZ team in a world cup after 1992 So they'll smell the cup as no one else does.

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