Monday, May 07, 2007

I am a father

Dinee gave birth to a baby girl in this evening. She's so tiny and cute. She's the cutest baby in the world to me and undoubtly it was the happiest moment in my life. I can't explain that feeling when i heard our baby is crying for the first time.

The experience of bringing a new life to this world is unexplainable. I was looking forward to this day with anticipation but I never thought that I was going to be this exited! When you hear your baby is crying for the first time, you'll feel like that you are beyond the universe, like you have won the greatest thing in this world and you don't need anything else... How can I write that feeling in a blog post?

All that time I was with my wife. As a father I appreciate that I was allowed to stay with my wife when she's giving birth to my kid and I think it's something every father should experience. That's the closest you can get to your wife and kid. At Ninewells, fathers are allowed to be with their wives at the birth.

I must thank Dr.Nandadeva Senevirathne who was our gynecologist. You guided us from the beginning. You made everything so simple to us and you took everything so seriously. You are one of the best in the field.

At Ninewells, enviornment was excellent. I never saw that continuous smiling face, kindness, caring hands of nurses and all the other staff at ninewells. We always felt that we are in a maternity hospital and both the baby and the mother are in safe hands. I think Ninewells is the best maternity hospital.

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