Friday, December 29, 2006


Today I came to work after 1 week's vacation. It was a good break because last couple of months I was very busy and did hell of work and took only 3 days as leaves for past 10 months.

Last saturday we(dinee,dumma,dhanushka,my self,siri bappa & some of his friend) went dinee's place at Balapity. It was always happening everytime we went balapity and we really missed jana this time because he was our organizer for the past few years for all our trips & parties.(Jana is in UK these days)

It was bit late when we woke up in Sunday morning. We plan to get up early to go for a sea bath before the sun rise but everybody got late because of the late night party. Beach is few meters away from dinee's place. we were lucky because sun light was not that strong because of the rainy weather. That's the first time we went for a sea bath after tsunami.

Dumma,Dhanushka,siri bappa & his friend went back colombo after lunch. Dinee, Akki, Chuti nangi and myself came back on monday evening.It took about 2 and half hours to reach colombo because there was a small traffic on our way because everybody is comming back to colombo after the long vacation I think. After came back home I watched couple of movies. some of them are Insomnia, Derailed, Flight of Phoenix, Lucky number slevin and Longest yard. Dinee went to work on thursday and I watched the cricket match Sri lanka Vs New Zealand. Sri Lanka won the match by 7 wickets.

It's always better to have a break before starting your work in the New year. Because you'll have work!! work!! work!!

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