Friday, February 03, 2006

After a long time...

Well...Well, after a long time I'm writing something in my blog..

I missed TechEd2005 & e-Carnival but I was there for the Launch.
Wow it was cool. SQL Server 2005 and Visual Web Developer 2005 sessions were great.
I met a bunch of mates which I didn't meet for years and met some of the guys in the dotnetforum for the first time.

Last year I haven’t had much plans. Actually I haven’t had a chance to plan 'coz I got married and I was away from SL for couple of times. Only thing I planned was my wedding. I missed TechEd and e Carnival too. But I was in touch with .Net even I didn't get much opportunities to use in developments. Yeah I was a Vb 6.0 developer for last 4 years because my current employer is maintaining a lot of VB 6.0 applications. But I'm desperate to start fulltime .Net developments. Yeah That will be my main objective in this year and "Ready to Rock the Launch" gave me a good start. Today is a very good/special day to achieve that. I have all the determination and energy to approached the task.

We were ready to Rock 'cos it was Ready To Rock
It has started in a rocking style with Wild Fire on stage
There were 2 rocking sessions in SQL Server 2005 and Visual Web Developer 2005
They said we rocked them 'coz there were around 1200 enthusiasts

When the night has come, had couple of beer glasses
And Wild fire’s playing (Another brick in the wall...)

You rocked us!!!

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